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Live at Big Apple 090204 / Sunao Inami (EP, iTunes only)
US$1.99 (Download from iTunes Store)

1. Live at Big Apple 090204

Live at Big Apple,Kobe Japan on 4th Feb. 2009. 1track,19min 41sec.
Genre: Ambient-Noise,Experimental,Electro-Acoustic,Drone

String Theories / V.A.
Metamorph Records (UK)
US$14 (includes worldwide shipping)

This is a 5-way split album featuring:

Randy Greif
Sunao Inami
If, Bwana/Evan Leed

electr-ohm Compilation 2 / V.A.
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

5 Japanese IDM / Rhythmic Noise artists contributed 2 or 3 tracks each.
This CD is good experience to know Japanese newer underground electronic music scene.

Genre: IDM / Rhythmic Noise / Industrial


SIDE-LINE (be) machinist (Belarus) Medienkonverter (de) cuemix magazine (de) Heathen Harvest (us)

Klape Remixed / Klape
Dancing Bear (Croatia)

submitted "Sinoc sam se, Give it to Him remix by Sunao Inami (Japan) – Klapa Ragusavecchia (4:48)"

Darker Waters - Deeper Into The Japanese Underground / V.A.
Deathwatch Asia (Japan) DWA707

submitted a track "Farm Machines And Implements"

Laid Back Computing / Sunao Inami
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

The complicate elements re-constructed to newer beats.
Cut upped abstract grains re-constructed to newer rhythm.
High knowledge of DSP based sound design process with analog modular synthesis.
Complex music, but very original.
No drum alternative grooves through the cut up breaks with dark electro


SIDE-LINE (be) Gothtronic (nl) Medienkonverter (de) Dark Entries (be) Dark Room Magazine (it)
Re Gen Magazine (us) machinist (Belarus) Heathen Harvest (us) Connexion Bizarre (pt) cuemix magazine (de)

Ressonus Net Vol.1 / V.A.
Ressonus Records (Czech Republic)
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

Extra handmade packaging. Handprinted artwork (serigraphy) in 6 color variations. Strictly limited edition of 200 numbered copies!

1 Sunao Inami Fish Print
2 Farmacia Sabanas (live)
3 Metheora In The Shell
4 Strangelet Station
5 Alessandro Fiorin Damiani Radioispirazione I
6 Kora Et Le Mechanix Interieur
7 Mark Tamea The Orgeo Crux
8 Selectone Amor Fati
9 Emdy Mirror
10 Landschaft The True Path
11 Stuzha Here Is No Life Without A Fire
12 Gurun Gurun 3x3x3 (live)

Machines Against Hunger ( 2 CD) / V.A.
Trans Missions Media SIGCD001

This two (2) CD compilation has 34 bands & tracks. The compilation is a project to bring awareness and support to hunger in the world today. All profit from sales of this compilation will be donated to Action Against Hunger. All tracks are previously unreleased. Including side projects of Front 242's Partick Codenys & JL DeMeyer, Nohno (formerly member of Clock DVA), K-BEREIT (Formerly of Cobalt 60 & Kriegsbereit) and much more!...

Disc One

01. K-BEREIT - Hu[a}ngry
02. Essence Of Mind - How Does It Feel [Machines Against Hunger Edit]
03. Implant - The Stimulator [People Theatre's Final Call Mix]
04. Container 90 & StuNrm Cafe - 1/15 MP3
05. Dawn Of Ashes - Nail Driven [Die Sektor RMX]
06. Nohno - Unbalanced
07. The Crystalline Effect - Nothing Warms This Room [Machines Against Hunger Mix]
08. Threat Level 5 - Tripping
09. Diskonnekted - Broken [Razed in Black Mix] MP3
10. Sunao Inami - Decreases
11. Code Machine - You Say, I Say
12. Interface - Land Of Confusion MP3
13. Destroid - Revolution [Machines Against Hunger Version]
14. Nurzery[Rhymes] - Alpha-Omega [Wynardtage RMX]
15. NTRSN - Innerbleeding v1 MP3
16. Biodrone - Last Waltz

Disc Two

01. Hi-Tek Homeless - Planet Hump
02. The Tenth Stage - Black [Machines Against Hunger Slow Remix]
03. Ionic Vision - This Life MP3
04. Radiotron 36 - Burned Out Cinder
05. Carphax Files - Guns And Violins
06. Empusa [feat. FrightDoll] - Unpreventable MP3
07. The Weathermen - Your Town
08. Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Lethal Defense Systems [DeadJump Remix]
09. DIVE - Behind the Sun [K-Bereit Light Speed Remix]
10. Autoclav1.1 - This Is Untitled [Magrette Mix by Coreline] MP3
11. Parade Ground - Entertain Me
12. Man+Machines - Revolt MP3
13. Psyche - Tears [Original]
14. Eisdrive - Reeperbahn
15. Je$us Loves Amerika - Cifer
16. Chinese Theatre - I'm Leaving You Behind (Help The Poor Version)
17. Modern Cubism - Le Serpent Qui Danse
18. Derma-Tek - Mauled [Tau factor Remix]

HOW-BOW 2 / Sunao Inami
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

The concept of HOW-BOW is newer technology experimentation or deep electro-acoustic instrumentation. "HOW-BOW" was released by C.U.E. records on 2003 and it hard to find ltd. CDR release. (but it available on iTunes store now)
after 5 years, "HOW-BOW 2" is comes.but sound character is totally different. "HOW-BOW" was glitch and click based IDM, "HOW-BOW 2" is drone,dark ambient and early 80s industrial experimentation with current DSP based sound treatments. (for example,GRM tools,Eventide,Sound Toys special complicated effects)
almost sounds generated from field recordings, but sound character is cyber industrial tastes with organic dark ambient soundscapes.
This CD recommended for dark ambient noise fans and classical industrial music fans. also, its very good reference for sound design of computer based alchemists.
and if you have "HOW-BOW", please play together "HOW-BOW" and "HOW-BOW 2". then you will get another electro-acoustic soundscapes.
Artwork by French painter,Alain Paparone
9 tracks, 73min 50sec. 1,000 copies ltd. Made in Japan


Connexion Bizarre (pt) cuemix magazine (de) textura (ca) Dark Entries (be) Dark Room Magazine (it)
Re Gen Magazine (us) machinist (Belarus) Heathen Harvest (us)    

XX-Ray /Sara Noxx (3CD)
Prussia Records (Germany)

submitted "Colder & Colder" remix

My Life In An Insulation Test / V.A
electr-ohm , appliance japan (Japan)
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

the label, "electr-ohm" and " appliance japan" collaborated this compilation.

16 artists from 6 countries with sounds ranging from rhythmic noise to dark ambient and IDM sonic experimentation.

Artists (A-Z)

After Birth (UK/JP)
Ananda Jacobs (US)
dDamage (FR)
Germseed (UK)
knr (JP)
Lagowski (UK)
mushitsuro (JP)
N-rgle (BE)
P.A.L (DE)
Saburo HIRANO (JP)
Sunao Inami (JP)
Uniform (UK)
urbanshaman S.T.T. (JP)

Reapercussion / Rozencrantz
Danse Macabre (Germany)

Free download web-EP

1. Sweet Desire – heavy-current-version by Jan Weisbrod
2. In these arms - Racoon Remix by Fortanger
3. Lively Water – Orchestria Remix
4. Sweet Desire – Eastern Electro Remix by Sunao Inami
5. In these arms – Remix by Rozenrot
6. Forsaken – Remix by HazRed
7. Bound to you - Remix by Suicide Tuesday
8. In these arms – Remix by DJ Galder
9. Orbit - Lyrics by Kenji Siratori
10. Her walk gets slower (Album Version)
11. Sweet Desire (Album Version)

Jedinice, Nule I Sobe / V.A.
QUORUM 2-3/2007 (Croatia)

Compilation curated by Ivan Kapec. Released with Quorum 2/3 (2007), a Croatian literary magazine.

Wonderland / DIE PUPPE (Maxi)
Kamisori Records (France)

1. Wonderland (Flesh machine mix by Usher)
2. Little Death (Kobe mix by Sunao Inami)
3. Alice Helice (Anarchic Chic mix by Cricket)
4. La reine des Mouches (Von Magnet mix by Phil Von Magnet & Lisa May)
5. Chemicals (Junk mix by Shrink V)

No Markers / Sunao Inami (EP, iTunes only)
US$1.98 (Download from iTunes Store)

1. No Markers A (5:39)
2. No Markers B (3:47)

SABOTAGE / Severin24
Agoon-Agoon (France)

20 tracks total, 10 originals feat Kathy Compton, ai-planet, Ian Moore.
+ the 10 tracks, follow ten remix by:
Smagas(ST2 music-Brazil)
The Mystech(Omega Point rec.-USA)
Johan Afterglow(Virgin-Sweden)
Miss Fitz(Sushitek, Archipel-Germany)
Sunshine Dries(Austria)
Cerio(Dj Consortium-France)
Mach Fox & Lady Bonbon(USA)
Suano Inami(electr-ohm-Japan)

electr-ohm compilation 1 / V.A.
(includes worldwide shipping)

This CD is an answer from a lebel, electr-ohm to next generation of IDM.
Complex rhythm beat and gentle crackles with abstract textures or subdued drones.
and their advantage is high knowledge of DSP sound manipulation.

13 international artists joined from 7 countries, it includes Flint Glass, Empusae, Noize Creator,Sunao Inami and more.

This CD is highly recommended to a person liking IDM, Rhythmic noise,Dark electro,Break beat and Break core.


Connexion Bizarre (pt) cuemix magazine (de) ALIEN (sk) Gothtronic (nl) (ru)
Re Gen Magazine (us) Igloo Magazine (us) Heathen Harvest (us)    

(includes worldwide shipping)

This is Sunao Inami's 4th full solo album comes from his own label,electr-ohm.
It has live recorded at his EU tour on March 2006.
IDM,break beat,abstract rhythmic noise or dark electro music had improvised by live performance.
His live performance is more aggressive than his studio recordings,it are heavy complicated rhythmic beats,but It is not violent at all, and it is IDM side with high knowledge of real time sound processing.
and also his all sounds generated by NI Reaktor and his vintage analog synths.
Sunao used Reaktor 5 and Live 5 on Powerbook G4.

Audio Track:
11tracks, 49min07sec total.
Live recorded at Belgium and Switzerland in March 2006.

Data Track:
And extra bonus track is 45min15sec mp3 file,this is audience recorded official bootleg live track.
Live recorded at RIC'S ART BOAT in Brussels,17th March 2006.

Over 94min total live tracks on a CD!


Connexion Bizarre (pt) Gothtronic (nl) Transit (ch) Release Music Magazine (se) Dark Entries (be)
elect(Ro)tation (de) cuemix magazine (de) ALIEN (sk) Enochian Apocalypse (gr) Postindustry (pl)
Re Gen Magazine (us) Heathen Harvest (us) GIAG (ru) Igloo Magazine (us)  

Notochord Recordings (Holland)
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

A brand new IDM, triphop, electro, drum n' bass, ambient and breakcore label from Holland.
The first Notochord compilation sees 7 artists contributing 7 unique takes on music...
Autoclav1.1 [UK] ::: Blue T-Shirt [Canada] ::: Semiomime [Netherlands] ::: Slacknote [Netherlands]
::: Stephen James Knight [USA] ::: Sunao Inami [Japan] ::: Wisp [USA]

01. Slacknote - Huge Wooden Radio
02. Semiomime - Hiding Vase
03. Wisp - To Draw Something Beautiful
04. Stephen James Knight - Sombre Grey
05. Sunao Inami - Angle
06. Wisp - A Forward Collapse
07. Autoclav1.1 - The Low Down on Cows
08. blue t-shirt - Sentimental Institution
09. Slacknote - Skulls
10. Sunao Inami - Thin Out
11. Autoclav1.1 - Meet Me Half Way [liar's rosebush remix]
12. Semiomime - Eightnees
13. Slacknote - Always Remain Hardcore
14. Semiomime - Grasshopper
15. blue t-shirt - Thunderstorms

Looper's Delight Compilation Volume 3 / V.A.
electr-ohm LDCD3
(includes worldwide shipping)

A Compilation album of International Mailing List Community,it called Looper's Delight. Volume 3 is release 7 years after Volume 2 was released...
17 international looping artists joined, Ambient,Experimental,Minimal,Drone,Improvised,Electro-Acoustic etc.
More details(artists bio,photo etc.)available,Click Here.

01 - Zoe Keating (U.S.A.) We Insist 3:45
02 - andy butler (U.K.) ro-sham-bo 4:10
03 - Tony K / OVO (U.S.A.) Manifestations 4:08
04 - Krispen Hartung (U.S.A.) Groovy Space Faring Machine 4:12
05 - ghost7 (U.S.A.) nature fights back 4:45
06 - The Coyote Loops! (U.S.A.) Excerpt From 'The Long Dance' 5:01
07 - UNDO/David Kirkdorffer (U.S.A.) Celexa & Effexor 4:00
08 - XISTH infotainment (U.K.) Infinity (edit) 4:03
09 - Stephen Parsick and Markus Reuter (Germany) Orange Moon Excerpt (for Ina) 3:57
10 - Phasmatodea (U.S.A.) Nesting Shelters 3:53
11 - Sunao Inami (Japan) Sink 4:11
12 - Electric Bird Noise (U.S.A.) We Share More Than My Fathers Last Name 2:33
13 - Mark Francombe (Norway) Mogadishu 3:52
14 - Fabio Anile (Italy) In a land of stars 3:48
15 - Boysen-Wagner Duo (Sweden/Switzerland) I'll Be On That Hill 3:29
16 - Scott kungha Drengsen (U.S.A.) Learning to walk means falling 4:02
17 - Michael Plishka (U.S.A.) Overwhelmed By You (A Haiku For Kathy) 3:49

Organized by Sunao Inami (CAVE Studio/electr-ohm/C.U.E.)

Special Thanks to Kim Flint (Looper's Delight)

C.U.E. records qcd-c3
(includes worldwide shipping)

A 3rd Compilation of C.U.E. records,Japan.
15 artists joined that it includes from Switzerland,Holland,UK,USA,Taiwan and Japan.
68min total.
Details availavle, English | Japanese

Kobe Underground Festival 2004-2005 / V.A.
Kobe Underground Festival KUF-CD1
(includes worldwide shipping)

A 1st Compilation of Kobe Underground Festival.
11 artists joined that it includes from UK,USA,Switzerland and Japan.
Details availavle on official site, Kobe Underground Festival.

C.U.E. records qcd-c2
(includes worldwide shipping)

A 2nd Compilation of C.U.E. records,Japan.
15 artists joined that it includes from Switzerland,Holland,UK,USA,Taiwan and Japan.
70min total.
Details availavle, English | Japanese

An Impulse of Acoustic / Sunao Inami
electr-ohm TCCD-20051 CD only
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao Inami new solo album from his own label.
IDM,glitch through '70s German electronics or experimental and early '80s industrial music.
Sunao used NI Reaktor 4,Absynth,Ableton Live 4 and Waldorf synthesizers mainly.
9 songs,68:04 total.

Sunao Inami : Computer Generated Instrumentation

Additonal Musicians:
Luca Formentini : Processed Guitars
Slacknote : Bass & Buzz
Ian Burgers : Vocal Acrobatics

Recorded and Mixed at CAVE Studio(Kobe) in Jan - Feb 2005
Produced by Sunao Inami

More details and mp3 demo available,CLICK HERE.

MANUFACTURED AUDIO (Switzerland) mf audio#003 CD
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao Inami collaborate with Swiss IDM / Ambient Trumpeter,Werner Hasler.
Werner Hasler : Trumpet,Various synth
Sunao Inami : Reaktor,Absynth

More details and mp3 demo available,CLICK HERE.

electr-ohm TCCD-20042 CDR
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao Inami played Reaktor 4 and Live 4 by Powerbook G4 and iBook G4 per each.
Live recorded in the event LIFE RHYTHM at Uwaya Gekijo, Kobe in October,28th,2004.
11 tracks,54 :24 total.

SYNCED! / International Live Looping Trio
electr-ohm illt1 CDR
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao Inami (Japan): laptop
Rick Walker (USA): found sound, percussion and electronics
Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland): guitar, effects, loops

Live recorded at the Luggage Store, San Francisco in October,7th,2004.

International Live Looping Trio official site

C.U.E. records qcd-c1
(includes worldwide shipping)

A 1st Compilation of C.U.E. records,Japan.
14 artists joined that it includes from Switzerland,Holland,Itary,Belgium and Japan.
69min total.
Details availavle, English | Japanese

electr-ohm TCCD-20041
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao's 2nd solo album from electr-ohm.
He trough Electronica,Glitch or Experimental techno by his huge Experience from live gigs and collaboration works.
Details and mp3 demos available on electr-ohm site.

Also mail order available from JET SET RECORDS,Japan.

Disc0 Disc0 compilation vol.II / V.A.


1.Steve Roach " Nothing " (Us)
2.Andrew Lagowski " Cuevas " (Uk)
3.Superdaial " Astramofonia (Deep Space City - Alien Phong) " (Pl)
4.Sunao Inami " Eel " (Jp)
5.Minoru Yonemoto " Cold Sleep " (Jp)
6.Stephen T.Pope " Sensing / Speaking space : part 1 & part2 " (Us)
7.Helmut Schfer " Seeker " (At)
8.Marek Choloniewski " No title : track nr.6 " (Pl)
9.Zbigniew Karkowski " Local Piority " (Pl/Jp)
10.Randy H.Y.Yau " Praesagire 2 " (Us)
11.Diagonale Stable " 10 high " (Fr)
12.Hideko Kawamoto " Stroke of a Wing " (Jp)
13.Gter Schroth " Datensta " (De)
14.Andrzej Izdebski & Tadeusz Sudnik " Session 27.02.2000 short ver " (Pl)
15.Roel Meelkop " Pss - short version " (Nl)
16.Andrzej D.Dudek & Lukasz Szalankiewicz " 2 stylistics " (Pl)



switch+reed+string / Timothy O'Dwyer,Sunao Inami,Kazuya Ishigami,Machiko Kitagawa

C.U.E. records qcd-0019
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

A collaborate with Timothy O'Dwyer who he from Melbourne,Australia.
Sax,Computer,Koto and real time processing and more. 6tracks. Studio recorded at Kobe,Japan in 2003.

Effluence Sound Installation for Big Heads / Sunao Inami and Kazuya Ishigami
C.U.E. records qcd-0018
US$5 (includes worldwide shipping)

Live recording from:
Fake Sound Installation for "CAP ART FAIR 2003", 8th.June.2003

official bootleg IV/ sunao inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0016
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

Live recorded in an event "Transfrom 7" at Club OTOYA,Kobe.
1track 53 min.

1 2 / Sunao Inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0015
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

New concept double CDR set.
Please try to play 2CDs in same time.
Sure,also you can enjoy 1 CD playing per each.
1track & about 40 min per each.

HOW-BOW / Sunao Inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0014
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

Sunao's new stuff is polished electro-acoustic.
All sounds generated by NI Reaktor.

The 5 fingered sock project / Roberto Zorzi,Machiko Kitagawa,Sunao Inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0013
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

Collaborate with a Koto player,Machiko Kitagawa and Italian progressive/experimental guitarist, Roberto Zorzi.
Live recorded at Big Apple in Kobe,Oct. 2002.


self-destruction / sunao inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0011
(includes worldwide shipping)

A maxi single
.All sounds generated by Reaktor,Absynth,Spark and Logic Audio.
2tracks,15:01 total.

ACT7 Deeper Ambient Part.1
Whitebox VIP Lounge Live Documentary Series

Drum Machine Museum ,U.S.A.

VHS tape : $19.95
VCD : $15.95
DVD-R : $24.95

audio - Sunao Inami
(Ambient world with experimental mind. Visual went really wow. Great session. -MT)

official bootleg III / sunao inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0010
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

It live recorded at San Francisco Oct. 2002.
Soundscape materials processed by real time granular synthesis. it kind of sound art.
All sounds generated by Powerbook G4.
2tracks,46:21 total.

rice-planting songs / V.A.
ricefield ine001

01 tv pow
02 ben vida
03 kazumoto endo
04 black dot
05 r.h.y.yau
06 tetsuya miyazaki
07 masayuki akamatsu
08 wheaton research
09 adcP/dacP
10 kaiten mind
11 kazuya ishigami
12 dexter
13 sunao inami
14 june humming papa-ride
15 koura
16 belle
17 qt?

more information

SPL-22001 Akamatsu / Inami / Ishigami
electr-ohm SPL-22001
(includes worldwide shipping)

Sprit CD of 3 computer musicians,Masayuki Akamatsu,Sunao Inami and Kazuya Ishigami.
They used Powerbook G4 with MAX/MSP,Kyma,Reaktor etc..
About the sounds, it massive DSP based experimental / electro-acoustic / computer music.

official bootleg II / sunao inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0005
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

It live recorded at Lausanne (Switzerland),Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Kobe(Japan) in 2002.
All sounds generated by Powerbook G4.Sunao Inami used Reaktor,Absynth,Spark etc..

Computer Touch Control / Sunao Inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0004
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

1: Recording 4/20 - 26:59
2: Recording 4/28 - 29:54

Sunao Inami used Reaktor

It recorded direct to hard disk from Reaktor by Powerbook G4.
Improvised electronic/experimental music.

Music for Edge / Sunao Inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0003
(includes worldwide shipping)

This music has composed for female duo dancers performance,it called "Edge".

Sunao Inami used Reaktor,Absynth etc..
1 song,70min.

official bootleg I / sunao inami

C.U.E. records qcd-0002
(includes worldwide shipping)

1: 5/11/2001 Live at Zink,Kobe,Japan
2: 6/6/2001 Live at Tokuzo,Nagoya,Japan
Total time 38:41

Sunao Inami / iBook Tangerine, Sampler and Delays

Live audience recording of Sunao Inami solo performance.
It recorded at Kobe and Nagoya,Japan.
Loopy and Ambient,Experimental music.


C.U.E. records qcd-0001
US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)

This is Re Master of CONTROLLED VOLTAGE songs from XD-submit CD extra series in '94 - '96.
CONTROLLED VOLTAGE is the newwave / electronic dance style band in Kansai area in middle '90s.
Their stuff is hard to find now..

12 songs,it included solo songs of the members per each.

Nietzsche's electronic music (REMIXE's) / V.A
Doppelganger Records DPCD-04

2.Kazumoto Endo.(JP)(5:17)
3.Sunao Inami.(JP)(5:02) on the reconstructed typeball/Masayuki Akamatsu.(JP)(4:51)
5.Untitled/Minoru Yonemoto.(JP)(5:42)
6.TEINSZECH/DARUIN(Kazuya Ishigami).(JP)(7:17)
7.2001/Koichi Watanabe.(JP)(6:05)
8.wheaton research(brent gutzeit).(USA)(5:10)
10.EMPTY VOYAGER/Tetsuya Toshimitsu.(JP)(6:00)
11.meta-chaos/Seiji Nagai&Koji Kawai.(JP)(6:48)
12.belief in the sickness as sickness/black dot corporation(Michael Hartman).(USA)(4:06)


dalma logic / sunao inami

Promotional only copy.


repeater / sunao inami
electr-ohm TCCD-20012
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

1. intro 4:06
2. trace route 5:10
3. waves on the table 3:44
4. modifiers control 3:48
5. rainy wales 5:10
6. repeater 8:26
7. loop is life,life is loop 15:53
8. continuous skin break III6:15
9. outro 2:47

total time : 55:22

Sunao Inami uses Waldorf Synthesizers

Recorded & mixed at CAVE Studio
Produced by Sunao Inami
Graphic Design by Yoshiyuki Saga
Distributed by Vivid Sound (Japan), Cranium Music(World Wide)

More info,contact:
Vivid Sound
Cranium Music
Braincells Records
CAVE Studio

Also mail order available from JET SET RECORDS,Japan.

Live at Bayside / TIME CONTROL

electr-ohm TCCD-20011
US$16 (includes worldwide shipping)

Masayuki Sumi : Voice
Sunao Inami : Bass,Synthesizers
MOMO : Electronics
Masato Kawatani : Guitar
Takashi Kajima : Drums

Live Recorded at
Bayside Jenny, Mar. '00

Mixed at CAVE Studio
Produced by Sunao Inami
Graphic Design by Jiro Nakagawa
Distributed by Vivid Sound (Japan), Cranium Music(World Wide)

More info,contact:
Vivid Sound
Cranium Music
CAVE Studio


(CD)VICL-60653 (2LP)VIJL-60073-4


Victor Entertainment

MOHKEN / Sunao Inami

Promotional only copy.

Live Recorded at
ANA Gatetower Build. Nov. 2000.

RealAudio available:



Sub Rosa SR139

TIME CONTROL 1st album from Sub Rosa,Belgium.

MOMO : Electronics
Sunao Inami : Bass
Masato Kawatani : Guitar
Shinya : Drums

Recorded at
Barton Hall,July '97
Iron Beat Manifesto "2000-3"

Mixed at CAVE Studio
Produced by Sunao Inami
Graphic Designed by Inspiral Icon

More info contact:
Sub Rosa
King International
CAVE Studio


Looper's Delight Compilation CD Vol.2

Omnibus double CD album form Loopers Delight. Details available click hare!
It distribute fromFinley Sound Design.

TIME CONTROL / Momo,Inami,Kawatani & Shinya
CAVE Studio CD2000-3

Momo,Inami,Kawatani & shinya 1st album.Live recorded at Barton Hall.
Live report available:
Sorry,this CD is NOT available now.
It has been renewal from Sub Rosa.

NOMO CAN / Katsuyuki Koga
Heiro Music

Mr.Katsuyuki is performer/poet/avant-garde artist since '60s.
This album is making with his great reading and songs of his friends.
include: Sakanaichiba/Sunao Inami
Info: Heiro Music +81 6 341 2163 (tel&fax) Osaka,Japan

Ambient Aromatherapy / V.A.
A.L.P records

include: Philip and Inami
Info: A.L.P. records

'97.2 Enhanced CD
XCD1997 Psy-mul-teneous / V.A. XCD97001A

include: T53 , ZEN
Real Audio available:

'96 Audio CD for Sampling
Sounds Of Old
Analogue Solutions*

Vintage analogues for sampling. Over 77min. Made in U.K.
CAVE studio distribute it in Japan.
You can get it in Kaeru Cafe,Tokyo,Japan.

More info:
Details by Japanese:
Analogue Solutions* web site:

'96.3 Hybrid Mixed CD
XD-Submit Vol.4 / V.A.
XD FirstClass Network,Osaka XDSUB004A

include: CONTROLLED VOLTAGE , ZEN , Water Flower , ASH
Real Audio available:

'95.12 CD-ROM for Macintosh
Mindscape / Water Flower
Iron Beat Manifesto/CAVE Studio

Expanded Book CD-ROM.

2048 Guitar Allurement / Sunao Inami
CAVE Studio

Guitar loops with Hemi-Sync album.

'95.9 Mixed CD
XD-Submit Vol.3 / V.A.
XD FirstClass Network,Osaka XDSUB003A

include: CONTROLLED VOLTAGE* , Sunao Inami
Real Audio available:

'95.3 Mixed CD
XD-Submit Vol.2 / V.A.
XD FirstClass Network,Osaka XDSUB003A

include: CONTROLLED VOLTAGE** , Sunao Inami
Real Audio available:

'94.11 Mixed CD
XD-Submit Vol.1 / V.A.
XD FirstClass Network,Osaka XDSUB003A

include: CONTROLLED VOLTAGE** , Sunao Inami
Real Audio available:


Details in Kenso Kato's web site:

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Perspnal Dance Method#5

Iron Beat Manifesto

Side A: Phase / ZEN
Side B: Moondust / Water Flower

Downloadable Real Audio file Available:

Perspnal Dance Method#4

Iron Beat Manifesto

Side A: The House Behind Mirrors / Kenji Konishi
Side B: Spiral Steps / Sunao Inami & Kenji Konishi

Downloadable Real Audio file Available:

Perspnal Dance Method#1

Iron Beat Manifesto

Side A: Reboot / Kenji Konishi
Side B: Dust in Lotus / Sunao Inami

Downloadable Real Audio file Available:


Iron Beat Manifesto



Iron Beat Manifesto

CONTROLLED VOLTAGE Live. Limted Edition.

Un Official Demo Tracks 1-3 / CONTROLLED VOLTAGE

Iron Beat Manifesto

CONTROLLED VOLTAGE Demo tapes. Promotional only copy.

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Iron Beat Manifesto

CONTROLLED VOLTAGE Un Released songs with Amiga CG. 30min.


Iron Beat Manifesto


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'95 Sampling Library FD
FATMAN Sampling Disk
Iron Beat Manifesto/CAVE Studio

PAiA FATMAN sound Sampling Disk for AKAI S series samlers.

Coming Soon
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More information contact:
CAVE Studio

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