March 2005
MANUFACTURED AUDIO mf audio#003 (CD only)
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01>> Boomed 23rd >> mp3
02>> Flow 0220_0
03>> Desong ab >> mp3
04>> M5R2 (Remix song from DELAYED)
05>> Pancake >> mp3
06>> Aprilbong
07>> Junat >> mp3
08>> Onkyo
09>> Boomed 30th >> mp3
10>> Introab

File under >> electronica >> ambient
Sunao and I met face-to-face for no more than ten minutes - somewhere in a culb.We ware introduced,had a chat,and then spilit,agreeing to exchange some of our work:we have not met since.
The music in Transmit came from the agreed upload Sunao to me. We have not talked about it,and neither did we construct any common musical plans.
The file come just one way - to me - so there was no collaboration on what has happened with ir since.
I downloaded sounds,soundscapes and half-finished tunes of his,and I uploaded my work in return.
After downloading the file,I listened before I cut and shaped his sounds,taking extracts and looping parts. I added my own sounds from different sources,such as a diverse set of treatments from my trumpet recordings,various samplings,and some analogue synthesizing.
I created arrangements by playing with sound,colours,cutting some of them and putting the whole thing in a frame of rhythm and melody - or using what I created as a frame for additional rhythms and melodies.
The unguided and unrestricted use of Sunao's very personal ideas,which ware unfamiliar to me,was a very refreshing way to work.This music began from the ideas of a very real person,yet developed with that person as only virtual partner - pure input and no restriction.
Sunao produced the recordings,DELAYED (electr-ohm released in Japan 2004,using the sounds and beats of Rick Walker,Roberto Zorzi,Slacknote and Werner Hasler)
Werner Hasler

trumpet,various synth
recorded at Horsaal,Bern,Switzerland


recorded at CAVE Studio,Kobe,Japan
All tracks arraged,produced and mixed by Werner Hasler,
expect M5R2 taken from DELAYED remix by Sunao Inami

Artwork: Filip Haag

Graphic design: Max Henschel

Thanks to: Timan,Finn and Ingrid Hess,Andreas Guler,
Braincell Records,Christian Rogger,Hugo Ryser,Urban Lienert,
Thomas Richard,Robin Beecroft
Copyright 2005 with the kind support of
Kultur Stadt Bern , Manufactured Audio , Swisslos Amt fuNr Kultur Kanton Bern

7th March 2005 updated.