Here is some basic information on how to book Sunao Inami.
Please contact for further details and fee information.
Fees negotiable depending on size of venue, travel time, performance time,number of performances, number of performers or crew.
Sunao Inami solo live performance by Laptop computer:
IDM / Abstruct / Rhythmic Noise / Industrial
/Experimental / Improvised / Downtempo or D'n B etc..
Minimal Technical Requirements:

Small table 70cm x 70cm or more
(Setup for Mac Book Pro 17 inch laptop and Jazzmutant Lemur controller)

2 D.I. boxes
Good stereo P.A. sound system
Basic lighting grid
Travel and accommodation
30min minimum technical rehearsal time


Some other info about Sunao Inami :
and more : Youtube , Discogs

Music Production,Synthesizer Manipulation,Remix and Editing, Mastering and also contribute compilations:
Please feel free contact to : for further details.
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