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last update 17th April 2000

Some my Internet friends visited me in 1999.

In April,Jeff Bergman visited from NYC.
We are EII and EIII friend.

With Moog System55.

Stay in real Japan,CAVE Studio.

At TERUYA in Osaka. It is the best "Okonomiyaki shop" in Japan!

In June,Peter Herman (ex.KENTON Electronics) and Jo visited from London.

Checking Email from CAVE Studio.

With Webmaster of www.didori.com
Cool "Didori shop" in Kobe.

Must visit to TERUYA!!

A view from top of Osaka Castle.

At Chionin temple in Kyoto.Where is Peter and Jo?

In December,Tim Gerwing visited from Vancouver,Canada.
He sold CS80 for me. We connected Loop and Ambient music.

At Sanzenin temple in Kyoto.

At Housenin temple.
Tim and Masato (Guitarist from Timecontrol) standing at same place of David Sylvian has taken polaroids in his video "Preparations For A Journey".

At Ryoanji temple in Kyoto.

Zen garden (Stone Garden in Ryoanji temple).


At www.didori.com with JapaneseFriends!

Also in December,Rob (Secret-Secret) visited from San Francisco.
We are "Otaku" of Analogue Synthsizer..

Rob installing extend RAM for his iBook in Osaka!

With shopmaster,K.Mitsui in MIDILAMD Osaka.

At Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto.

He is vegetarian, we ate "Yudofu" in Kyoto. Delicious!!

At Zen garden (Stone Garden in Ryoanji temple).

Today is vegetarian version ;)

I hope you visit me again,Also all Internet friends welcome.

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