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Last modified 13th Dec '98.

The CS80 MIDI retrofit kit.

The opened CS80.

Kenton Electronics said..

Lift up the keyboard. it very heavy!

Checking the position of MIDI board.

So many Voice cards and wires!! But it not solder to voice cards per each,it solder to Key assingner.

2 white 40 pins ICs are Key Assigner ICs.It Yamaha custom made, no longer available.

Solder it.Carefully!

Also solder to another one board.

And solder to tone Selector.

And solder to PSU, other some wires and MIDI jacks.


Receive MIDI details:
Note on/off,Omni on/off,Program change,Pitch bend,Mod wheel,After touch(mono or poly),
Velocity (VCF or VCA),Volume,Portament on/off,Sustain etc...COOL!!

Dear KENTON,Thank you so much!

If you are owner of CS80 MIDI,please mail me.

Listen the MIDIfyed CS80 sounds! Click here!!

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