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PPG WAVE 2.3 factory data for cassette interface.

Also it can use for 2.2.
DOWNLOAD (Real Audio)

NOTE:Sometimes Real Audio streaming could not keep the perfect sound quality..

You cannot listen to sound and music clips denoted with this symbol unless
you have the Real Player.
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NOTE:16bit Mono AIFF file.4.1Meg.

PPG Catalog in Japan '82. 61K , JPG.
Inside of PPG WAVE 2.2 fitted KENTON MIDI retrofit kit. 22K , JPG.
PPG WAVE 2.2 voice card.22K , JPG.
SysEX chart of WAVE2.2/2.3 V6 86K,JPG
Download Access Microwave Programmer owner manual 9.4Meg .zip

PPG-UK Ltd. Reunion (24-25th Nov. 2000) pictures are here!!

Wavetable Workshop (3rd Dec. 2001) pictures are here!!

My name is Sunao Inami,live in Japan.
I use PPG PPG WAVE 2.3 V6 Midi S/N1345 and WAVE 2.2 V3 S/N1409
Do you use PPG Products?
Please fill there.

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Your PPG Products and Serial No.

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U S E R S  L I S T

Ward van Groenland
Wave 2 s/n 00260, Wave 2.3 s/n 01285
I still need a VCF chip for my 2 (i'm a bit lazy).
best sound from the 2.3 is still krgggrkkgrr, I am working on it.
PPG WaveTerm A, Serial No. 030
Wave 2.2 Ser.No 01438
Wave 2.2 Midi with 2.3 ver6.0 update, 8 extra outputs on the back
PPG WAVE 2.2 serial number: 01326
Hi Sunao,my name's Diego i'm italian, my PPG is no midi,
i just want to ask you if i can control it in monophonic way by using my analog sequencer korg sq10 that is -/+5 volts ?
Are the PPG rear inputs cv in, trig in and vcf in compatible with this voltages?
Greetings from Italy!!

Nicola Santi
PPG 1002 - PPG 314 Sequencer - PPG 300 modularsystem-
PPG 2.2 V6 -PPG 2.3 V4 -PPG EVU - PPG WAVETERM A with 5 1/4 Inch disk driver

I'm searching other people that have old ppg instruments like 300 system or 1002 or 1003.
Available informations about 300 serie and 1002 .
PPG Wave 2.3 sn#01123
I obviously have a Wave 2.3. Unfortunately, I cannot get sound.
At first it would make sound that became an annoyance when the waves sub and the waves osc were turned all of the way up,
so I new I had to operate. Cleaned insides entirely, resoldered SCR in the back, and replaced the keyboard connector cable.
It was still doing the same thing. The original owner had a strange battery attachment for a replacement (not a very clean job).
I replaced his "harness" with a mounted AAA battery holder so the mess would be cleaned up.
Unfortunately, I don't think his AAA battery plan was going to work well. I figure if I had the proper battery,
it should give sound again (I don't think that the AAAs are strong enough). Of course now, there is no sound.
I need to find a new battery, and to find out why it was coming to a high whiney screech of a noise when the waves osc and the waves sub were cranked.
If anyone could help me to bring this one back to life, I'll greatly appreciate it.
Thanks J (sorry for making you read such a long and boring story)

Peter Feddersen
PPG Wave v2.1
PPG Rocks!

Fabrizio Strobino
PPG wave 2.2 upgr. 2.3 V6 S/N 1364
My name is Fabrizio Strobino. I use the PPG in my recording studio in Italy.

Simon Ellis
PPG Wave 2.2 ver.4 (ser.number rubbed out)
From Simon Ellis,Auckland New Zealand:
Is the Kenton MIDI kit any good?
My appeggiator does not work -any suggestions? Thanks.

Wave 2.2V4 and Waveterm A with 5 1/4" disks, serial# unreadable
Always interested in sounds and technical information!

Matthias Schuster
Hi,Im Matthias from Hamburg, in our studio DAS INSTITUT we use lots of PPG equipment,
some modyfied by Wolfgang Palm

Kazuhisa Okimoto
PPG 1020(S/N unreadable), WAVE 2.3 V6(S/N is 01159)


PPG WaveTerm A, Serial No. 030
PPG is fun

Paul Maddox
PPG Wave 2.2 (Serial No Unreadable, EX - KING)
I love my 2.2, I have done several Mods to it (Illuminated wheels, keys, keypad, replaced display, New PSU, battery mod)
I also run a website for all things PPG and wavetable based ( lots of techincal info and help there.
CDROM of user manuals, sound sets and some tech info. Several Projects underway for PPG gear aswell.

Ward van Groenland

Wave 2 s/n 00260, Wave 2.3 s/n 01285
I still need a VCF chip for my 2 (i'm a bit lazy).
best sound from the 2.3 is still krgggrkkgrr, I am working on it. great beasts

Than Muir

Wave2.3 serial 04249
excellent sound!!! used to be VERY unreliable i complelely rebuilt this machine,
replaced power supply,removed audio off mother board,
installed ballanced outputs AND,,, removed the big slab of polystyrene from underneath the mother board it NEVER fails me now
when the greys take over the planet ill use this as a bargining point to save my life!!! best wishes..than

Alain Raes

Wave2.3/prkFD/WavetermA+3 51/4floppydrives
midi V6 obtainable via Synth service center in London UK.
I live in Belgium and am a ppg user for 13 years.

PPG 2.3 v6 no: 1188 + ask wave loader,waldorf wave 2
like to get in touch with other users with (ask) waveloader 2.2 / 2.3 / evu see you here you !!
John ( the netherlands )

Wave 2.0
Hello , I know how it works for a while
but I need to find a user guide copy.
Wave 2.3 v.6

Hermann Seib
Waveterm A with 5 1/4" disks, Wave 2.2, Wave 2.2 factory upgraded to 2.3,
EVU, PRK (Ser# 1095), PRK-FD
I'm interested in obtaining all kinds of PPG hardware
if you've got something you want to sell, please contact me!
PPG Wave+2.3 v6 S/N1161 & Waveterm
PPG Wave 2.2 Ser.No 01438
Wave 2.2 Midi with 2.3 ver6.0 update, 8 extra outputs on the back
PPG 2.2 Serial num: 01344 Version 4.5
Newly re-aquainted with this beast after owning one in 1983/4.
Does anyone have a manual handy and the latest 2.2 ROM images (V 6.x?). Ta!
PPG Wave 2.2

Rod MacQuarrie
PPG Wave 2.3 ver 6.0
Still looking for a Waveterm B...anyone?
Wave 2.2 Midi with 2.3 ver6.0 update - Serial# 1411
Hi can anyone explain the 2.3ver 6.0 update
- because I seem to have 8 extra outputs on the back ,
does the update give multitimbral mode like the real 2.3 ??

Davide Poggio
PPG wave 2.2
I have a 2.2 with MIDI upgrade.
Original sounds and manuals, if you want a copy.
I Would like to exchange sounds !!

Tom Moravansky
Wave 2, Wave 2.2, Wave 2.3, Waveterm B.
I am looking for a Sonic Carrier 1003 and a Wavecomputer 360.
Also, I am a tech and I can replace your PPG NiCad battery
with a new Lithium battery that does not need charging.
This way, your PPG will always keep the patches.

Frank SŸdekum
PPG WAVE 2.2 (ser. no.0014)
i look for MIDI in my PPG 2.2 have one of the PPG User³«s
a right think where is the world can buy a upgrade to MIDI?
Need advice.
I just took delivery of a PPG Wave 2.3 in nice shape.
BUT it seems to have lost its data.
My question is, should I keep this or return it?
Is this symptomatic of a problem PPG?
How much work is it to keep reloading the programs from cassette, etc.?
I have wanted a Wave for a few years now, but am disappointed that it seems so fragile.

Mi Strom
PPG WAVE 2.3 (ser. no. 01294) & WAVETERM A (ser. no. 0218)
I experience problems of VCF stability/consistancy.
Has anyone experienced/rectified/solved this before?
It just makes filter sweeps un-reliable.

Kostas Perrakis
PPG Wave 2.3 V6 s/n:1343
I own a ppg wave 2.3(inoperative)
and a prk-fd V2.0 with the complete sound library in floppies.
Manual and technical references are needed.

PPG Wave 2.3 (Can't find the serial number!)

PPG Wave 2.3 and waveterm B (s/n not readable?)

Peter "Ski" Schwartz
PPG Wave 2.2 w/MIDI & Waveterm B (s/n not readable)
PPG addict since 1984.
Creator of PPG samples for Korg T1 (also M1rEX expansion board), & Wavestation.

Johan Ekelund
PPG Wave 2.3, Waveterm B, EVU & HDU user

Henri Sundelin
PPG WAVE 2.3 V6, S/N unreadable..
Looking for a manual.. and Waveterm..
PPG Wave 2.3 v4,serial no rubbed off!!
I also have a waveterm A,but it has 5 1/4 drives!
It has been in a repair place in Sydney,Australia waiting to be fixed for 7 years!!!

PPG Wave 2.3 with Waveterm-B user.
I plan to have the whole PPG Wave manual on line soon and have built
a PC card that interfaces to the PPG Wave. I have been developing a software
package that emulates the Waveterm-B on the PC although this isn't yet complete.

Henrik Mxll
PPG WAVE 2.2 V4 user. S/N is not readble...

Johannes Leyman
Click Track Music
PPG WAVE 2.2 V6 w MIDI retrofit user.S/N is 1127.

Ethan Callender
PPG WAVE 2.2 MIDI user.

Yoshihiro Kawasaki
PPG WAVE 2.2 user.

Seiji Mochizuki
PPG WAVE 2.3 user,S/N is 1148.Also he use WAVETERM B.

Ryota Hayashida
PPG WAVE 2.3 user,S/N is 01225.

Kenny Phillips
PPG WAVE 2.3 user,S/N is 01370.

Jim B-Reay

He use 2 WAVEs,it serial numbers are 1170 and 1200's PPG WAVE 2.3 Midi V6.
Also he is PPG PRKfd and Waveterm B user.
Click the Jim,You can see full size picture of "Waveteam software covered Jim! " 26k,GIF.

PPG WAVE 2.3 user,also use a microwave.

Kim G. Hansen
PPG WAVE 2 user.

Doug Jones
PPG WAVE 2.2 Midi V6 user.

Sunao Inami

PPG WAVE 2.3 V6 Midi S/N1345,WAVE 2.2 V3 S/N1409 KENTON MIDI user.
Click the picture,You can see "Sunao played WAVE2.3" in his band at Osaka '94.

Click the picture! Sunao Played WAVE 2.2 in Barton Hall,Syukugawa,Hyogo,Sep.'96.

Now I use PPG WAVE 2.3 and 2.3 with Waldorf Micro Wave(2units),Wave Slave and Micro Wave II & XT.
But,I think the best wave table sound is PPG Wave 2.2
(non MIDI).
Because PPG has very great and beautiful sampling noise.It's "REAL" PPG.
I am looking for WAVE TERM B.Please mail me!

E-mail to CAVE Studio